About CAD Northwest

Conveyor Trucks Engineered To Amaze

After working extensively in construction, it was a natural step to get into the business of offering high-quality conveyor trucks. In 1998, CAD Northwest started the materials placement phase of our business in Salem, Oregon, while we were subdividing land and putting in utilities. When we found these trucks, they were a new idea and not well known. However, these trucks saved us so much time and effort that we bought two. As our business continued to grow, we added more equipment to serve our customers’ needs more efficiently.


Our History


CAD Northwest is a family-owned conveyor trucking company in Salem, Oregon, specializing in CAD trucking services. Our owner, Mel Haley, has been operating equipment for more than 40 years. His father was an engineer and road builder in Oregon, who built, among other things, the road around Crater Lake and Klamath Lake. Mel was often on the job with his father, and learned how to maneuver a range of equipment from an early age. You could say it’s in his blood.

CAD Northwest is now a division of Mel Haley Construction Company Inc. Some of the jobs we’ve managed include the MAX Light Rail, the Brewery Block, and many high-rise projects in Portland. Mel chose entrepreneurship over retirement and entered the construction business after moving to Salem and acquiring several trucks. Little by little, he strategically built up a steady stream of clients. Over the years, we have not raised our prices. As we grow, we continue to add the latest equipment to our fleet. Our two newest trucks not only throw materials farther, but they offload faster too, saving you even more time and money when you work with us.

Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our Team

New Fleets
We have recently added our newest stone slinger conveyor trucks, which have significant upgrades over previous models. The new, wide-track conveyor system enables the operator to deliver materials much faster than before, while decreasing the mess that plagues other brands. The operators can accurately offload in three to five minutes for some applications. Additionally, there have been several upgrades in the hydraulic remote drive systems, giving these machines more power for longer distances. They are regarded as the best high-tech machines on the market.


The conveyor is 20 feet long and folds up against the truck while transporting material from the rock source. When we are on-site, the conveyor moves horizontally and vertically to maximize the throwing distance and has a variable high-speed conveyor, so we can either drop the material off the end of the conveyor or speed it up and shoot the material up to 125 feet from the back of the truck.


In many cases, we have thrown materials more than 140 feet. Not all rock can be shot that far, however. Naturally, throwing uphill creates more restrictions compared to doing the same downhill. Sometimes rocks roll and bounce on the belts and cannot be thrown as far. A few examples include:• Crushed Rock • Sand • Large Rock • Round Rock